About Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor is comprised of members from 3 generations. As such it is our belief that visiting World of Warcraft should be a pleasant family oriented environment. Although many of our members are on daily we recognize that not everyone will do so. We are a casual guild, focused on learning our characters and their professions within the game environment. We are not a raiding guild. However if someone needs to run an instance for quests, training, or just for fun we make an effort to put together a like leveled group to run the instance. Each members actions reflect on the guild as a whole.

Code of conduct:

Our name is our belief... we are honorable. We ask that our members follow these 3 simple rules while gaming:

1. Ring of Honor members will treat all players on the server with respect and show good sportsmanship. The following actions will not be tolerated by the guild: Ninja looting (waiting untill everyone else has greed rolled or passed then rolling need when it is not a needed item), kill stealing (going in to kill a target of a quest or Boss or elite mob when someone else has done the work to clear the area or path to the mob), training mobs on to others, /spitting on enemies, and /grieving the opposition.

2. Ring of Honor members will not use foul language, sexual innuendo, or verbally assault another player in any chat channel. In addition, racist, sexist, and bigoted behavior will result in immediate removal from the guild.

3. Ring of Honor members will strive for a drama less gaming experience. Disputes between guild members will not be aired in the public/guild channel. Involved members should seek out an officer to help settle disputes. Members disruptive to the enjoyment of the guild will be removed.

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